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UCR Trans Guide

LGBTRC - UCR Trans Guide
Freedom to Be Yourself

We are happy to support our transgender, nonbinary, and gender questioning community. Use our Trans Guide to learn more about campus resources, supportive programs, and special events connected to gender identity and expression at UCR. It includes guidance on everything from how to change your name on university records to accessing gender-affirming health care.


  • Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Policy
    Presidential Policy on Gender Recognition and Lived Name will bring changes to gender identity policies and procedures
    • This presidential policy ensures all individuals are identified by their accurate gender identity and lived or preferred name on university-issued documents and in UC’s information systems by providing guidance on the collecting and reporting of gender identity lived name, and sexual orientation.
    • Effective November 6, 2020, the systemwide policy must be fully implemented by December 31, 2023.
    • The policy applies to all University students, employees, alumni, and affiliates
    • Learn more on the Chancellor's GRLN Committee web page.
    • Full Policy & Appendix 
  • Tutorials on Using Lived/Preferred Names Online and On Campus
    Tutorials on Using Lived/Preferred Names Online and On Campus

    You may use your Lived/Preferred Name at UCR. Follow the tutorials below. Please note that your Legal Name will still be used for official University business such as Financial Aid, medical records, and other interactions external to the campus.

  • Trans-Inclusive Health Insurance for Students & Employees
    Updates & Resources for Trans-Related health care under the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)
    • UCR Student Health Services refers students out to in-network endocrinologists in the Anthem network under SHIP for transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy. Appointments require a SHS referral and co-pay under the Student Health Insurance Program.
    • Check out this video of Dr. Hoda Mojazi-Amir talking about Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy
    • SHIP benefits overview for 2022-23 – includes new coverage for electrolysis in the chest area
    • Therapists referral list for gender-related assessments and letters of support. This list also includes other (out-of-network) and regional sources for gender affirming health care, info, and support; and a referral list for Endocrinologists providing gender-affirming care  - which also includes an endocrinologists list - updated April 2023.
    • Surgical referrals provided by UCR Student Health Services – updated 2/10/21.
    • Checklist to get medical approval for surgeries under SHIP.
    • UCR Student Health Services' Guidelines for Quality Care of Transgender Patients

    You can contact Erica Castillo at UCR Student Health Services for SHIP assistance. To find a provider or receive additional information for these services, you can also contact UCSHIP Customer Service at 866-940-8306.

    UCR Counseling & Psychological Services clinicians available to provide letters for accessing trans-related health care

    UCR students currently seeing a Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) counselor may request a letter for accessing trans care such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Gender Confirming Surgeries (GCS), as required by medical insurance for medical approval. The student may also potentially be referred to Dr. Bell or Dr. Pitsavas at CAPS for this evaluation process. A UCR student not currently seeing a CAPS counselor may request to meet with either Dr. Bell or Dr. Pitsavas and CAPS will determine based on availability who they would meet with and schedule a series of appointments for the evaluation.

    Info on UC Transgender and Nonbinary Health Benefits for Employees

    UCOP has created a web page on Transgender and Nonbinary Health Benefits for employees. Please know you can contact UCR’s Health Care Facilitator with any questions or to address access to care. UCR’s facilitator is Ranada Palmer. Learn more about Ranada’s role, including confidential one-on-one assistance in resolving health plan issues. 

  • UCR Trans Group & T-Camp Retreat
    The UCR Trans Group

    The Trans Group is a supportive discussion space for transgender and nonbinary UCR students, facilitated by Parker. The UCR Trans Group meets usually meets weekly, in-person or online. Visit our Events Calendar for dates and times. 

    For more information and details, please email LGBTRC Director Nancy Jean Tubbs:

    T-Camp: InterCampus Retreat for Transgender, Nonbinary, & Gender-Questioning College Students

    T-Camp is an intercampus retreat to explore gender identity and expression and to engage in dialogue with our peers. This event is specifically for students who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender questioning, and is held annually in the San Bernardino Mountains. Retreat facilitators include transgender and nonbinary community members, as well as campus LGBTQ+ resource professionals. All UCR students selected to attend will have their fee covered by the LGBT Resource Center. 

    Learn more about T-Camp, including the application process, here.

  • Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

    In 2016, UCR converted 111 restrooms on campus into gender-inclusive facilities. Each single-occupancy restroom has new signage. In addition, all new construction and buildings under heavy renovation must include gender-inclusive facilities. Additional building signage directs people to the nearest gender-inclusive facility if there is not one available in the building.

    The following buildings also include multi-stall gender-inclusive restrooms:

    • Student Success Center
    • North District
    • Dundee-Glasgow

    To find gender-inclusive restrooms, visit the UCR campus map and zoom in until you see the circle-triangle symbol. Click on the symbol and room number details will become visible on the left-hand side of the window. ADA-compliant facilities information is also available on the UCR campus map. The Student Recreation Center also offers a gender-inclusive locker room.

  • Gender-Inclusive Housing

    In 2005, UCR broke ground as the first public university in the nation to offer a gender-neutral housing option to all students. The option is now called gender-inclusive housing (GIH).

    Any UCR student may request gender-inclusive housing on their housing application. However, priority is given to students who notify UCR Housing that they require the accommodation based on their gender identity/expression. 

    The GIH option allows students to room with any other student, regardless of physical sex or gender identity.

    If a student wishes to live in gender-inclusive housing but does not request a particular roommate, Housing will assign a roommate based on compatibility evaluations. 

    Pentland Hills features private, single-occupancy restrooms and showers. Gender-inclusive housing is located in the same Pentland Hills building as Stonewall Hall, but you do not have to be a part of Stonewall Hall to live in gender-inclusive housing.

    Gender Inclusive Housing is also available in Dundee.

    UCR also allows GIH in campus apartments such as Bannockburn Village, Falkirk, Glen Mor, Oban, The Plaza and Stonehaven. However, you and a roommate must both request the living option.

    If students need a staff advocate to answer questions or address issues regarding Gender Inclusive Housing, please contact:

    Emily McCoy (she/her/hers)
    Resident Accounts Supervisor
    Housing Services
    (951) 827-7440

    Nancy Tubbs (she/her/hers)
    Director, LGBT Resource Center
    (951) 827-2267

  • Help With Complaints & Concerns

    The director of the LGBT Resource Center is available as a resource regarding gender identity issues on campus and navigating campus options.

    Help with conflict or complaint regarding a student or student organization:
    SCAIP (Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Programs) receives complaints of harassment and hazing about students or student organizations.

    Other grievance/complaint options:
    The Office of Title IX, Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action at UCR receives reports and complaints of discrimination and harassment, including harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, transgender status or transition status, gender stereotypes, sexual orientation, and other forms of gender- or sex-based discrimination or harassment.

    Not sure about which office or process to use?:
    The help@ucr website is a good tool to help you explore options.    

  • Trans & Nonbinary Books/Films Available in the LGBTRC Library