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Chancellor’s Advisory Committee

Chancellor's Advisory Committee Zoom Meeting

Ensuring an Inclusive UCR

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on LGBT Students, Faculty & Staff is a campus-wide committee comprised of UCR faculty and staff that convenes quarterly in an effort to meet committee goals.


Toi Thibodeaux, MS
LGBT Resource Center
(951) 827-2267
Joel Smith, MFA
Associate Professor of Dance
(951) 827-7134


  • Undergraduate and graduate student representatives
  • Amalia Cabezas, Media & Cultural Studies + Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Andrea Hidalgo, UCR Department of Art
  • Brandon Brown, UCR School of Medicine
  • Brandon Andrew Robinson, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Ivan Aguirre, Hispanic Studies
  • Jaime Engbrecht, Planning, Design & Construction
  • James Smith, Residential Life
  • Jane Ward, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Katja Guenther, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Kevin Rivas, Undergraduate Student
  • Kyle Ingram, UCR School of Business
  • Laura Riley, Student Disability Resource Center
  • Liz Przybylski, Music
  • Megan Rush, LGBT Resource Center
  • Melissa M. Wilcox, Religious Studies
  • Nancy Tubbs, LGBT Resource Center
  • Nina G. Ruedas, UCR School of Medicine Residency Program
  • Richard T. Rodríguez, Media & Cultural Studies
  • Steven Mandeville-Gamble, University Libraries

  • Committee Goals
    • To make it possible for LGBT students, staff, and faculty to enjoy a positive personal and professional experience while they are members of the UCR community.
    • To provide a visible presence and educate the UCR community regarding discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
    • To encourage full implementation of the university hiring policy which bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
    • To recommend plans and policies that will reduce homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia at UCR and address the needs of our LGBT communities.
    • To expand curriculum to include LGBT studies scholarly research, instruction and intellectual activities.
  • Committee Membership

    Any student, staff or faculty member interested in joining the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on LGBT Students, Faculty & Staff, including those nominated by ASUCR and GSA, should contact the co-chairs directly for more information.

  • Current Projects
    • Responding to UC reports as they relate to the needs of LGBT people (e.g., mental health, campus climate, staff diversity, undergraduate experience survey, etc.)
    • Creating trans-inclusive campus resources and policies, including:
      • Increasing access to trans health care at the Campus Health Center and Counseling Center (benefits secured in 2009)
      • Creating gender inclusive restrooms access
      • Developing a "preferred name and gender" system on campus
      • Developing policies and practices for employees "transitioning" at UCR
    • Building an LGBT-Inclusive UCR Medical School
    • Developing resources for graduate and post-doctoral students
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