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  • Asterisk

    Asterisk is a trans* and allies group on the UCR campus created to offer open dicussions on gender identity and expression issues, spread trans* awareness, organize events and programs, and get involved with trans* activisim.


  • Health Queers(HQ)

    Health Queers provides support for LGBTQ+ students and allies involved in healthcare fields. We seek to provide a space for students to network with other queer pre-health students, educate others on the health disparities that affect our community, and advocate LGBTQ+ people in our respective healthcare fields.

  • La Familia de UCR (LaFa)

    LaFa is a Queer/Latinx student organization that seeks to bridge the gap between the Latinx and Queer communities and create a safe space of its own to explore, support and educate everyone in imperative issues that affect Queer and Latinx communities simultaneously. Their goal is to fight for self and group respect while ensuring cultural preservation, community activism, empowerment, and the unrestrained self. Activities include founding the ¡Presente! Conference and Culture Nights at UCR. LaFa was established in 2009.


  • NAMES and Neighbors

    NAMES and Neighbors is a UCR organization of students with diverse sexual and/or gender identities who share ties to North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and neighboring countries. This group addresses the intersectionalities of race, ethnicities, nationalities, gender, class, ability, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc and the experiences of people who fit those intersections. By providing a safe space for all participants, we garner a sense of community. Names and Neighbors was established in 2013.


  • Out in STEM (oSTEM)

    oSTEM at UCR aims to form connections between LGBTQ+ identifying students and professionals in the STEM fields, while adding diversity to STEM which is often not recognized. Establishing a connection between the LGBTQ+ community and the STEM community is important in the progression of equality and diversity.

    Persons of all majors, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities are welcome to join oSTEM at UCR, especially those interested in professional development, educational outreach, networking, and creating invaluable relationships with other members: after all, the best advancements in science and technology are made through diversity in thought and interdisciplinary efforts. 

  • Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPOC)

    QTPOC's mission is to combat racism and prejudices prevalent in the Queer community. Its members are committed to activism and recognizing intersections in identities, as well as social justice movements. It works to create an inclusive space for Queer people of color – socially, politically and environmentally. UCR's QPOC was established in 2007 and is separate from the staff-facilitated Tuesday Talk group of the same name.


  • Queer Alliance (QA)

    QA focuses on outreach to high school youth. Its members visit Gay Straight Alliances at local schools and organize special events including the Dragalicious Drag BallThe Coming Out Monologues and Pride Prom. QA is the longest-running LGBT-focused student organization at UCR and was established in the ‘80s as the Lesbian and Gay Student Union.

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  • Queer Association of Asian and Pacific Islanders (QAAPI)

    QAAPI is a student organization that creates a confidential, impartial space for anyone to discuss LGBTQ issues in the Asian and Pacific Islander community. QAAPI strives to promote awareness of the Queer Asian & Pacific Islander community, with a commitment to education, community service, and respect for humanity. For more information, email QAAPI was established in 2013.