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T-Camp: An InterCampus Retreat for Transgender, Nonbinary, & Gender Questioning Students

SoCal T-Camp will be held on April 12-14, 2024 Pilgrim Pines Camp 

Online applications for SoCal T-Camp 2024 are now closed.

SoCal T-Camp costs $165/student. Staff will assist with finding funding through student government grants, departmental funds, and scholarships. For example, the UC Riverside LGBT Resource Center will cover the cost of SoCal T-Camp for UCR students accepted to attend.

General questions about SoCal T-Camp may be directed to or call (951) 827-2267. Questions about NorCal T-Camp may be sent to


T-Camp is an intercampus retreat to explore gender identity and expression and to engage in dialogue with our peers. This event is specifically for students who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender questioning. Retreat facilitators include transgender and nonbinary community members, as well as campus LGBTQ+ resource professionals. We encourage you to apply for T-Camp if:

  • You are a transgender- or nonbinary-identified college student
  • You wish to explore your own gender identity/expression and engage in dialogue with others
  • You wish to build community with your peers across multiple campuses and experiences
  • You wish to gain knowledge regarding trans issues, self-care and wellness, and accessing resources and support



T-Camp is built on UC Irvine's ground-breaking TGQQ Retreat in Spring 2011, which brought together trans/genderqueer and gender questioning UCI students for a 1-day retreat. UCI and other California colleges decided to expand UCI's model to a 3-day intercampus retreat. Our hope is to improve the lives of trans students who often do not have a large trans community on their own campuses and to create more trans-friendly campuses everywhere. T-Camp 2012 included 51 students from 16 campuses (plus 13 facilitators), and was the first retreat of its kind in the nation. T-Camp 2013 included 52 students from 20 campuses and 15 staff facilitators. T-Camp 2014 included 53 students from 22 campuses and 12 staff facilitators. T-Camp 2015 included 47 students from 21 campuses and 13 staff facilitators. SoCal T-Camp 2016 included 55 students from 20 campuses and 10 staff facilitators. SoCal T-Camp 2017 included 60 students from 19 campuses and 9 staff facilitators. SoCal T-Camp 2018 included 52 students from 17 campuses and 10 staff facilitators. SoCal T-Camp 2019 included 52 students from 16 campuses and 11 staff facilitators. SoCal T-Camp 2020 included 47 students from 12 campuses and 12 staff facilitators. In 2021, the first T-Camp Reunion brought together 142 people online. SoCal T-Camp 2022 was moved to April post-pandemic and included 44 students from 10 campuses and 15 staff facilitators.


Application Process
  1. Complete the online T-Camp application. 
  2. T-Camp organizers will notify you if your application has been accepted.
  3. Students may work with a campus representative to find funding to cover the $165 fee. Funding sources include student government grants, departmental funds, etc.
  4. A liability form, health & emergency contact form, and expectations contract will be completed by students accepted to attend the retreat.
  5. Pandemic health and safety measures will be communicated to participants and must be followed.
  6. Questions regarding applications and payment may be directed to Nancy Tubbs (Director, UCR LGBT Resource Center) at 951.827.2267,


  • Pilgrim Pines Camp is located near Yucaipa. Learn more about why we use this camp by reading this blog post.
  • T-Campers will gather on Friday at a nearby college campus for a pre-departure get-together. Parking is FREE.
  • A bus will provide transportation to and from the Pre-Departure Meeting location and Pilgrim Pines Camp. All participants must take this bus to and from camp.
  • Saturday night features a Talent(less) Show, so come prepared with props and music.
  • All meals and snacks provided, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Cabins include bunk beds with comfortable mattresses and restrooms, and are heated.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs at the camp!


  • I will maintain confidentiality. I will not discuss who participated in the event, nor will I share details of what transpired in any way that could affect the privacy of the group or individuals in the group.
  • I will be an active participant. I will be on-time to all T-Camp activities. I will turn off my cell phone during activities.
  • I will give a spirit of support. I will support others in the group through my words and actions, to the best of my ability. Although there is room for dialogue and disagreement, I understand the purpose of this event is to build community. To that end I will use "I statements," not make generalizations, and not express myself in ways that could make others feel judged.
  • I assume others are attending with positive intentions and want this to be a good and productive experience. I realize others may hold opinions different from my own. With that in mind, I will not personalize or assume malice when others state their opinions.
  • I will abide by the ground rules set forth by T-Camp and agreed to by the group as a whole/majority at the start of the retreat and those in this application.