Due to the impact of COVID-19, our Ethnic & Gender campus locations are closed until further notice. Our staff is working remotely and available to support you along your Highlander journey. We look forward to being back on campus and supporting you in-person. Please continue to wash your hands, wear a face covering, and maintain physical distance.

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Community OUTreach Educators (CORE)

LGBTRC - Community Outreach Educators

Helpful to the Core

CORE (Community OUTreach Educators) is our peer education program. CORE student volunteers are trained to educate others regarding sexual orientation and gender identity; raise awareness of the LGBT and allies community; and represent the LGBT Resource Center.

CORE student volunteers might…

  • Speak on a student panel
  • Speak at a high school
  • Table at the Bell Tower
  • Help set up or take down an event
  • Assist with “behind-the-scenes” program support
  • Lead or facilitate a program that goes beyond a panel

All Volunteers are Welcome

We welcome all those who wish to help. It doesn’t matter if you are outgoing or shy, experienced or not, we will help you find your niche with CORE.

Prior involvement in public speaking or outreach is not required. Also, no one has to speak on a panel until they feel ready. Students of all sexual orientations and gender identities may apply.

Be a Part of our CORE Team

Your first step to becoming a CORE member is to complete the CORE application by the Fall deadline of Tuesday, October 16th, then attend the required CORE Recruitment & Training Event on Sunday, October 21st from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. We hold required training sessions year-round, followed by opportunities to panel, provide outreach to the UCR campus and high school youth and support educational programs. We will also bring together CORE members for retreats, celebrations and other community-building activities.