Our Mission 

The LGBT Student Experience  


The LGBT Resource Center provides support, education, and advocacy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity for the UC Riverside campus community.

Our Learning Outcomes

We define our effectiveness by ensuring the following outcomes:

 Community members…

  • are able to define and describe their own identities
  • collect information about their multiple identities in order to define themselves, apply the knowledge they gain concerning their identities to other aspects of their education and personal lives, and to relate their own experiences with those of other members of the LGBT community
  •  formulate new ideas regarding the LGBT community
  • are able to explain how their multiple identities intersect within themselves and with other communities
  • are able to describe their own culture(s) and relate to them on different levels than they may have thought about before
  • will show a desire to give back to their communitie(s) by participating in LGBT related or non-LGBT related student/employee organizations
  • formulate their own sense of civic responsibility by assuming civic, political, or social responsibilities through opportunities presented by the University
  • blend their understanding of themselves with how they may fit within a society where they may be from a cultural group(s) that is marginalized
  • are able to explain and recognize important social and political issues in their own community as well as different cultural beliefs and behaviors in the larger world
  • support one another in the Center’s open, diverse and public space and learn about themselves and others in this process
  • prioritize their time and understand where their personal lives and education/career may intersect at the Center since there is always social and educational interactions occurring
  • navigate on and off campus resources with the assistance of Center staff
  • are able to receive the support that they need in order to prioritize and persist through their educational/career and personal life with staff that advocate on their behalf and truly care about their future

In addition, LGBT leaders will formulate an understanding of leadership and collaboration with other campus constituents by participating in their respective organizations and/or Center programs.

These learning outcomes are adapted from the work of the UCLA and UCSD campus LGBT resource centers.

Additional Mission Statements We Follow

Ethnic and Gender Offices and Programs Mission Statement (*pdf)
Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement
University of California Riverside Mission Statement

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