TransFigures Poster Project 

TransFigures Poster Project Raises Awareness of Trans* People & Gender Identity/Expression

The TransFigures Poster Project is an awareness campaign that seeks to educate and to celebrate the lives and achievements of Trans* individuals. First developed by UCR Graduate Summer Intern Kayla Lisenby in 2012, the project is based on an idea by UCR student Johnathan Fiske.

The Trans 100 is a great resource for other Trans Role Models!

Since 2013, The Trans 100 has celebrated excellence in the Trans Community. Visit their web site to download the annual Trans 100 booklets which share biographies of the trans people honored.

Download the TransFigures Poster Project Education Guide

The TransFigures Poster Project Education Guide includes Trans* Terminology, The Gingerbreard Person 2.0, Cisgender Privilege Checklist, In the Box / Out of the Box, Questions for Facilitating Dialogue, Action Tips for Being a Trans Ally, Additional Resources (websites, books, films), and a Directory of Featured Individuals. Click here to download the Guide *pdf .

Download All Thirteen 2012 TransFigures Posters as One Low-Resolution PDF

Please note the posters are 11 x 17 inches. However, they may be printed using color printers as smaller 8.5 x 11 inch posters. Click here to download the low-resolution poster series *pdf.

Download Individual High-Resolution PDF Posters for Printing

Clink on "poster download" by the name of the featured TransFigure individual to download a high-resolution 11 x 17 inches poster suitable for printing.

Create Your Own TransFigures Poster Project

We encourage you to also create your own poster series, especially if you do not wish to wait for new posters or if you wish to feature local individuals. If you do so, we ask you credit your own campus explicitly as the creator, so that no questions arise regarding UCR holding the photo release for any posters we did not create. Please include this statement (small print at the bottom is okay) on the poster:

"This poster, created by _______________, was inspired by the TransFigures Poster Project launched in 2012 by UC Riverside ("


Trans* in this context refers to many diverse gender identities and gender expressions that might include (but are not limited to) transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, non-binary, genderf*ck, transsexual, agender, third gender, two-spirit, bigender, transman, transwoman, gender nonconforming, masculine of center, and gender questioning.

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