Allies Safe Zone 

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You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to be a counselor. You just have to be there.

What is the Allies Safe Zone Program?

Since 2000, the Allies Safe Zone Program has been a UCR network of students, faculty, and staff who are supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, as well as anyone dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity issues.

Members display an ALLY placard outside their office or residence hall room identifying them as individuals willing to provide a safe haven, a listening ear and reliable support.

Every ally attends a three-hour training seminar to learn about the benefits and responsibilities of being an ally. All allies also sign this contract (*pdf) before they hang their placard. Some allies also attend an additional Trans Allies seminar to learn how to become better allies to those who identify as transgender, intersex or any other gender nonconforming identity.

Find an Ally

You are surrounded by a network of support. See the many student, staff and faculty allies that are there for you if you need them.

Be an Ally

If you would like to become an ally, you can do so by attending a training session open to all UCR students, faculty and staff, or by scheduling a seminar for your group.

What is an Ally?

An Ally Represents:
- Visible LGBT support
- A safe zone
- A role model
- Someone who combats heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia
An Ally Can Be:
- An activist
- A speaker
- An educator
An Ally Is Not:
- An automatic expert on LGBT issues
- A counselor
- A spokesperson for all

The Allies Safe Zone Seminar

This training session includes an LGBT student panel; dialogue around LGBT issues; resources and referral training; and strategies for addressing heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Participants obtain helpful materials, sign the Allies contract (*pdf) and receive an “ALLY” placard.

The Trans Allies Safe Zone Seminar

We offer an additional Trans Allies Safe Zone seminar for current allies who want to better support those who identify as transgender, intersex or any other gender nonconforming identity. Attendees learn about trans and intersex issues, obtain resources and referral information, and interact with a panel of trans and genderqueer students and community members.

Schedule a Allies or Trans Allies Seminar for Your Group

Contact the LGBTRC if you would like to schedule a seminar for 10 or more people.

Attend a Allies or Trans Allies Seminar as an Individual

You can RSVP to one of our seminars by following the RSVP instructions below. First, please check out our upcoming training session dates.

  • The next Allies Seminar will be February 5, 2016 from 1pm to 4pm

You may also contact us with any questions.


The next Trans Allies Seminar will be scheduled in Spring Quarter. You must be a current Allies member to attend. Please follow the online RSVP instructions below to register.

  • The next Trans Allies Seminar is TBA in Spring 2015

RSVP Instructions

Note: If you are a student or affiliate and have not yet used the UC Learning Center, please ensure your information is available in the UC Learning Center with this link:

  1. Go to the UC Learning Center website,
  2. Enter your UCR NetID and password.
  3. Type in "MEI" in the search field and click "go."
  4. Click on the title of the class you wish to attend and select "register."
  5. Review the activity details and select "submit" to complete your registration.

Allies Brown Bag Discussion Series

Some of our talented and respected allies host “Brown Bag” discussions throughout the year. These informal discussions are a safe space to explore issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and are open to the entire UCR community. Topics have ranged from "Intersex 101" to "What Happened to the Bi Pride Movement?" to "LGBT and Undocumented."

Come to Our Next Brown Bag Discussion:


Keep checking back for discussion dates or contact us.

See our calendar for all upcoming events.

Start an Allies Safe Zone at Your School

Do you want to bring the Allies and Trans Allies Safe Zone Programs to your school? Learn more about the model and how it works on multiple campuses nationwide.

Answers to Potential Concerns About the Allies Program (*pdf)

More Information